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www.diss.co.uk was the original website set-up for Diss and the surrounding area. Over the past 8 years the site has gone from being a simple Business Directory with a few other local interest pages, to it's current incarnation as a community and business focus web site in Diss.

Originally set-up in 1997 by Ken Chapman and John Pacy, both local businessmen in Diss, the site passed into the hands of Alex Russell and David Crawford for a short period, before being re-launched in 2004 by David Crawford through Crawford Solutions Limited.

Crawford Solutions Limited currently owns the domain name diss.co.uk and all the structure and functionality of this website.

Crawford Solutions Limited is wholly owned and run by David Crawford, who has lived in Diss since he was 11 and is married to Sally Crawford (nee Scoggins). They have two children, Emily 12 and Charlie 8. David is actively involved in the community and is enthusiastic about the role the diss.co.uk website plays in the 'online' life of Diss and it's residents.

We hope you enjoy the website and any comments are always welcome.


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